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The only changes that have been made in Stannington Library have been additions.

As well as books owned by Sheffield Libraries, Stannington Library has its own collection of Yellow Sticker books. Currently there are around 9,500 Yellow Sticker books available for loan and we are adding new books every month.

We also decided to invest in a new suite of computers for use by our library users. Currently there is only one available to book, as we have restrictions in the library because of the Covid pandemic, but normally there are three adult ones and two for use by children.

There's a great selection of second-hand adult and children's books for sale in our Bargain Corner, as well as DVDs and a few CDs. All funds raised go towards the upkeep of the library.

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STAND was formed in 2013 after Sheffield City Council announced its decision to close sixteen libraries (including Stannington) unless volunteers took them on. STAND was registered as a charity in 2014 and is funded by grants, donations and fund-raising activities. The library is run by a team of dedicated volunteers.