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NB: we are closed on Bank Holidays

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Christmas Bargain Corner

Don't forget to have a look in our Christmas Bargain Corner next time you visit. It's full of good quality, interesting Christmassy bric-a-brac.

Thank you to all our local Coop customers who kindly nominated us as their Community Fund cause. 

Back in 2022 we asked for help to fund our library groups – the Tuesday Club, StoryTime and BabyTime.  The funding collected came to £2354.23 which will cover our costs for at least a year!  Some of our volunteers attended the Community Fund event this week to celebrate the great work done by the Coop to support local causes.

Thank you to everyone who helped us by shopping at our local Coop branch.  You’ve made it possible for us to help our local community and that’s a wonderful thing to achieve. 

Thanks to the Coop Local Community Fund for being there!  #CoopCelebration @CoopUk

Some of the latest additions to our Yellow Sticker Collection

Click this link to see all 31 new books added in November 2023

link to stannington library's online catalogue

Click this link, or on the yellow sticker, to search all the books in our Yellow Sticker Collection.

Stories, songs and activities for children aged 2.5 years to 4 years and their parent/carers every Wednesday during term time.

2.00pm to 3.15pm

Free! No need to book.

The next Storytime is on

6 December 2023

For parents/carers of babies and toddlers up to about 2.5 years old every other Thursday in term time.

2.00pm to 3.15pm

Free! No need to book.

The next BabyTime is on

14 December 2023

Be a FRIEND of Stannington Library

Friends of Stannington Library donate a regular amount either every month or every year by standing order. 

Follow this link to our Friends of Stannington Library page for more details.

Public Computers

at Stannington Library

We have 3 computers available for the public to use. Call in or phone to book a session. This is free to members of the library. Non-members can also use the computers for a small charge.

The computers all have Microsoft Office and access to the Internet, as well as other useful software. There's also some software aimed at our younger library members: Scratch, Kodu and a few other fun programs.

You can print from the computers - A4 Black & White copies cost 10p. Colour, back to back and size A3 are available too - but these cost more.


We are very happy to accept donations of Books in good condition, as well as DVDs, CDs, Video Games and Jigsaw Puzzles - so please keep us in mind when you are having a clear out. There's a crate for donations in the foyer, please call in any time we are open.

STAND was formed in 2013 after Sheffield City Council announced its decision to close sixteen libraries (including Stannington) unless volunteers took them on. STAND was registered as a charity in 2014 and is funded by grants, donations and fund-raising activities. The library is run by a team of dedicated volunteers.