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Summer Reading Challenge 2024

The Summer Reading Challenge is for children up to age 11.

There is also a Mini Challenge for children up to age 4.

It starts on

Saturday 6 July

and finishes on

Saturday 7th September.

It's free to take part. Visit the library 4 times over the summer. At the first visit, fill out a registration form and borrow at least 2 books. At the second visit, return the books and you will receive your Marvellous Makers (or Mini Challenge) pack and the first stickers sheet. Borrow at least 2 more books. At the third visit, return the books and receive your second stickers sheet. Borrow at least 2 more books. At the fourth visit, return the books and receive your final stickers sheet as well as a certificate and medal (or golden sticker for the Mini Challenge). The stickers should be put in your Marvellous Makers pack.

You can read anything you like - stories, fact books, graphic novels, poetry, audio books - it's up to you!

This year the theme is Marvellous Makers. The characters Laila, Yasmin, Charlie, Kai, Amelia, Maya, Tails, Bob, Riley and Rocky will lead you through the challenge. Read all about them in your Marvellous Makers Pack.

Do I have to be a member of the library to register for the challenge?

Yes, you need to have a Library Card. You can apply for a card at Stannington Library. An adult will have to sign on your behalf.

What is the Mini Challenge?

This is a similar challenge for children under 4. They need to be registered in the same way and follow the same pattern as above. However, they will receive a Mini Challenge Pack on the second visit and the stickers collected are also different. On completion of the challenge they will receive a special Gold Sticker rather than a medal.

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