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We will be closed until further notice from Monday 18th January 2021.

Order & Collect at Stannington Library

How to Order

Either choose the titles and authors of books that you would like to borrow (up to ten).  You can look in the Yellow Sticker Collection – see link below, or the Sheffield Libraries Collection – see link below. We will do our best to locate up to five for you.

Or tell us the names of authors you would like to read, or genres of books you would like to read, and we will choose five books for you.  We will look at your library record to make sure we don’t choose something you have taken out previously.

There are 4 ways to send the order to us:

Download a copy of our Order form here.

Please print, complete and deliver the order form to us by hand or post to:

Stannington Library, Uppergate Road, Stannington, Sheffield S6 6BX

NB: a handwritten note, with the relevant information, is acceptable too!

Or you can order by phone on 0114 234 8732 (preferably during opening times but there is an answer phone service).

Or you can order by email on .

For phone or emailed orders you will need to supply:

  • Your name
  • Your library card number (9 digits)
  • Your telephone number and/or your email address

Our library volunteers will transfer your request/s on to one of our order forms.  If you telephone or email we will assume that:

  • You are happy for us to keep your personal details for the purpose of running the ‘Order + Collect’ service
  • You acknowledge that you understand that the ‘Order + Collect’ service is offered on a best-effort basis

Yellow Sticker Catalogue – Stannington Library’s own books

link to stannington library's online catalogue

You can look in our Yellow Sticker Catalogue following this link.  This catalogue indicates which books should be in stock – but be aware some books may be out on loan and not returned yet. Please use our Order & Collect service to order Yellow Sticker books.

Sheffield Libraries Online Catalogue

Sheffield Libraries logo

You can also look in the Sheffield Libraries online catalogue to see which council books should be on our shelves.  Make sure you choose ‘Stannington Library’ in the drop down box. Be aware some books may still be out on loan and not returned yet. Please use our Order & Collect service to order council books currently at Stannington Library.

However, from 23rd November 2020, the council have re-introduced the possibility to reserve books from other Sheffield libraries. Reserved books will be delivered to Stannington Library, as they were prior to the pandemic. Once received, we will issue them to your library account and let you know when you can call to collect them. They will be put into a bag ready for collection in the same way as our Order & Collect books.

How to Collect

When your order is processed the books will be put on to your library record and placed in a paper carrier bag.  You will be contacted by telephone or email to let you know when your order is ready for collection. Please do not try to collect your order before you have been contacted.

Library opening times are:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10.00am - 4.00pm

Saturday 10.00am - 2.00pm

You will only be able to enter the library foyer to collect your order; you will not be able enter the library itself. ONLY ONE PERSON AT A TIME WILL BE ADMITTED TO THE FOYER. If you need to wait, please queue outside maintaining social-distancing – at least two metres from other people. Please wear a face-covering - unless exempt. There is a hand sanitising dispenser in the foyer for you to use.

There are crates in the foyer for you to place your returned books.  The books will be quarantined for 72 hours before being removed from your account and placed back on to our shelves.

At the moment, all our Yellow Sticker and Council books are being issued with 4 weeks borrowing time. Fines are not being charged for Yellow Sticker books borrowed during lockdown. The Council have extended their exemption of fines until 31st March 2021.

AND DON’T FORGET – if you would like to try our Pot Luck option, you can still take away one of our bags of donated books – free of charge – in the genre of your choice.

We are also accepting donated books, DVDs, CDs and Video Games but we can’t accept jigsaw puzzles or any other items as currently we are unable to sell them.

STAND (Stannington & District Library Group) was formed in 2013 after two public meetings that explored the issues raised by Sheffield City Council’s announced withdrawal of formal support for Stannington Library. Since then, the group has been formalised, a committee was formed and teams of volunteers were recruited