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The Stannington Gas and Water Crisis of 2022

12th December 2022

A burst water main has caused havoc with gas supplies in Stannington and the surrounding area. Because of it, December 2022 has seen unparalleled scenes in Stannington - homes without gas, homes without heat, homes without the wherewithal even to cook. Whilst work to put matters right continues, Stannington people are doing all they can to ward off the cold.

Just above The Rose & Crown pub - site of the burst water main and fractured gas main.

At Stannington Library, we want to create a record of the events of the last few days and the days still to come so that, in the future, people can read how the community coped in these testing times.

We want the full story of how people coped, how bad it felt, how good or otherwise was the information you received, how much help you received.

We want pictures, photographs, videos, even drawings and paintings if you or perhaps your children have them.

It’s a story with real tension, real drama, and real examples of self-sacrifice. It’s a story that Stannington Library wants to tell.

What emerges will depend on what we receive. It may simply become a dedicated page on the library’s website. It may be enough to create a written record to be kept in the library. There may even be enough material for a printed booklet. We will not know until you send it.

Whatever you have, email it to [email protected] or, if you prefer, deliver it by hand to the library (Uppergate Road, S6 6BX). We can’t promise to include everything, but we will try to produce something that honours the courage of everyone involved, something future generations refer to and learn how the people of 2022 dealt with a situation no-one ever expected.

Thank you.

Stannington Library

One of the many holes 'littering' Stannington - the library in the distance.
Junction of Uppergate Road and Stannington Road

Junction of Stannington Road and Acorn Drive
View from outside the library
Looking towards the library

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