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Amelie Surridge who attends Nook Lane School in Stannington collected first prize in Stannington Library’s Magic Words writing competition for her story The Battle for Heatropolis. Second prize went to Mahli Sutton of Bradfield Dungworth School and third to Ava Dibben, also of Nook Lane. Prizes were awarded at Saturday’s Stannington Story Festival.
Robon in the Dark Ages, a comic book created by Kamran Young, now of Bradfield School, was selected for a special creativity award by the competition’s organisers.

Magic Words competition winners Mahli Sutton (left), Amelie Surridge and Ava Dibben.
Kamran Young collects his special award from competition organiser Phil Warhurst.
STAND was formed in 2013 after Sheffield City Council announced its decision to close sixteen libraries (including Stannington) unless volunteers took them on. STAND was registered as a charity in 2014 and is funded by grants, donations and fund-raising activities. The library is run by a team of dedicated volunteers.