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Books that are in near-mint condition and are likely to be most popular with readers will be included in The Stannington Yellow Sticker Collection and made available for library users to borrow.

Otherwise books and other donated items will be offered for sale either in the library or at external events to raise funds for the upkeep of the library. For full details, please see our Book Donations Policy available on the DOCUMENTS page of our website.

Individuals are asked to contact us by email at, or in person, so that we can set up a meeting to discuss possibilities.

If your business or organisation would like to contribute, please email, quoting the word SUPPORT and providing your contact details.

Stannington Library will only open its doors to the public if at least two volunteers are available to oversee the session. In this we are no different from any other library, volunteer or local authority-run. To date, we have never failed to open for an advertised session, or even opened late.

Nevertheless, we need to add to our list of volunteers, so please visit the DOCUMENTS page on our website where you will find a link to our application form to become a volunteer.

Volunteers are vital to Stannington Library and we are constantly looking to increase our numbers.

Volunteering at Stannington Library is a rewarding and very social experience. If you have skills you think we could use, please visit the DOCUMENTS page on our website where you will find a link to our application form to become a volunteer.

As well as the volunteer library assistants everyone sees working on the front desk, we need fund-raisers, communicators, people who can help take care of the building inside and out, IT helpers, and a host of other roles.

Your current Sheffield Libraries card allows you access to all the services available in Stannington Library. The only thing you must remember is that books marked with a yellow sticker should be checked out and back in again at the front desk, not through the automatic system.

Your Sheffield Libraries card entitles you to the same services it always has. Normally this includes requesting material from any other library in Sheffield but currently that option has been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You are allowed to borrow Sheffield Library books that are currently in stock at Stannington, and you are also allowed to borrow books from any other Sheffield Library directly - depending on their status regarding opening.

In addition to being able to borrow books from Sheffield Libraries you can also borrow books from the Stannington Yellow Sticker Collection. These are the books donated to us by the people of Stannington or bought using grants from a number of sources including Bradfield Parish Council, Christ Church, Stannington, Stannington Tenants & Residents Association and the Co-op Local Community Fund.

We are reverting to our original opening times from Monday 10th May 2021

Mon:           1.30pm – 7.00pm

Wed:          10.00am – 12.30pm  &  1.30pm – 6.00pm

Fri:              1.30pm – 7.00pm

Sat:            9.30am – 12.30pm

NB: We are closed on Bank Holidays

  • CHAIR OF TRUSTEES:   Jenny van Tinteren OBE
  • TREASURER:                  Patricia Chapman
  • SECRETARY:                   Mel Smart
  • LIBRARY MANAGER:      Dot Russell
  • DEPUTY TREASURER:   Carole Allen
  • PRESS OFFICER:            Bob Mynors
  • SCHOOLS LIAISON:        Phil Warhurst

You can contact any of our trustees through the library by ringing 0114 234 8732 or by sending an email to

Responsibility for managing Stannington Library passed to STAND (Stannington and District Group).

STAND (Stannington & District Library Group) was formed in 2013 after two public meetings that explored the issues raised by Sheffield City Council’s announced withdrawal of formal support for Stannington Library. Since then, the group has been formalised, a committee was formed and teams of volunteers were recruited