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The Sheffield Libraries Reading Challenge

MANY THANKS to all the children

who took part in the

Sheffield Libraries Reading Challenge for Summer 2021.

We hope to see you all in the library again soon!

This is the lovely smiley face of Stannington Library's first young reader to complete this year's Reading Challenge. We all send her our congratulations. She has promised to keep coming back to see us even though she has now got all four of the stickers!

The summer 2021 Sheffield Libraries Reading Challenge was available to children from birth to age 11. It started on Saturday 17th July and continued until Saturday 18th September.

How did it work?

All children had to do was register for the Sheffield Libraries Reading Challenge at their local library using their own Library Card. Parents/Carers registered their babies or toddlers using their child's Library Card. It's very easy for children to be enrolled for a Library Card if they haven't got one already. See our How to Join page for details.

First visit

Once children had registered for the challenge, they chose a book to borrow and read. Parents/Carers chose a book to read to their baby or toddler.

More than one book could be chosen at each visit, but only one book per visit counted towards the challenge.

Second Visit

When the first book was returned, children received a Sheffield Libraries Reading Challenge folder and a sticker to prove that the first book has been read and returned. The name of the book was entered in the folder as well as on the registration card.

Children, or Parents/Carers, then borrowed another book to read.

Third Visit

When children, or Parents/Carers, returned their second book, they received a second sticker. This was noted down as before.

Fourth Visit

When children, or Parents/Carers, returned their third book, they received a third sticker. This was noted down as before.

Fifth Visit

When children, or Parents/Carers, returned their fourth book, they received a fourth sticker - which completed their Sheffield Libraries Reading Challenge folder. Their registration card was finalised and their certificate was printed.

Children were also given a special edition badge when they completed the challenge.

You can read all about the Sheffield Libraries Reading Challenge on the SheffNews website - click here to follow this link.

If you've finished the Sheffield Libraries Reading Challenge, Sheffield Libraries would love to hear what you think about it. Please email your feedback to [email protected].

We hope you had a great summer with lots of happy reading!

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