Stannington Library logo
  • Individual one-off donations
    • There is a green collection box in the library, and you will also find them in a variety of locations in and around Stannington
  • Green collecting box scheme
    • If you would like us to leave one of our green boxes at your business site, please email
  • Be a SUPPORTER of Stannington Library
    • Your business or organisation can offer financial support, or contributions in kind, as an efficient way to help with the work we do. Click here to see our supporters page 
  • Be a VOLUNTEER at Stannington Library
    • Volunteers are vital to us: a few hours a week either in the library or in a behind-the-scenes role makes a great difference
    • Please email your details to and we can begin finding a role that will suit your needs and ours
  • Be a USER of Stannington Library
    • Call in soon and see our new stock and all our new activities – library users are what it’s all about
  • Donate material to Stannington Library
    • We are always happy to receive donations of goods any kind that we can sell to support the library. In the case of books, many of the new books in The Stannington Collection have been donated by our supporters. But obviously, not every donated book is suitable for the shelves. Click here to read our policy on book donations

Stannington Library also offers these options which are unique to its members:

  • Book loans from the Stannington Collection – this requires additional registration
  • Access for younger readers to Franki Fossil loan books in the Stannington Collection – this also requires additional registration

Other services available in Stannington Library which anyone can take advantage of:

  • Sales of books, CDs and DVDs (some new but mostly second-hand)
  • Coffee Corner
  • Photocopying
  • Public transport information
  • Details of local groups, societies and activities

Franki Fossil is the young readers ‘mascot unique to Stannington Library. More and more of the young people’s books in Stannington Library are donated or are titles bought by the library volunteers team. They are part of The Stannington Collection, and are identified not only by the usual large yellow sticker but also by a Franki Fossil sticker.

As with adults, children under 16 years need to register their cards to borrow books from this part of our collection. Application forms are always available at the front desk at the library and take just a few moments to fill.

Children who do not already have a Sheffield Libraries card must apply for one first – see top of page. Both applications can be made at the same time.

As with all other books in The Stannington Collection, Franki Fossil books must be taken to the front desk before being taken from the library, and returned their at the end of the loan.

If you already have a Sheffield Libraries card, we will simply ask you to sign a declaration that you are happy for us to access your details from the Sheffield Libraries system and include them in Stannington Library’s.

If you do not yet have a Sheffield Libraries card, you must first apply for one using one of the methods shown above. If you apply for your Sheffield Libraries card in Stannington Library, you can register your card for use with The Stannington Collection at the same time.

Books in The Stannington Collection are now housed on the same shelves as all our other books. They are easily identified by the large bright yellow sticker fixed to the front cover. It is important that you take any of these books to the front desk so they can be checked out before you borrow them, and that you also take them to the front desk when you return them.


If you do not already have a Sheffield Libraries card, there are two ways in which you can apply:


Visit the Libraries & Archives page of Sheffield City Council’s website – click here – and follow the Apply to join the library link.

You will be asked to provide a valid email address when apply in this way, to provide personal details – name/date of birth/address – and to select your preferred method of receiving communication from Sheffield Libraries.


Call at Stannington Library and let one of our volunteers know that you want to apply. You will be asked to provide current, valid proof of identity – passport/driving licence/recent utility bill/recent bank statement – as well as personal details – name/date of birth/address. You will also be asked to select your preferred method of receiving communication from Sheffield Libraries.

A Sheffield Libraries card will allow you borrow books, CDs and DVDs from the Sheffield Libraries stock held at Stannington Library, at Sheffield Central Library and at all other public libraries in Sheffield, including still maintained by the council and those which are volunteer-led. It will allow you to use free of charge the People’s Network computers available in most libraries.

For services that are provided locally in volunteer libraries, for example books in The Stannington Collection, additional registration will be required. Please check with individual libraries to find out what local rules apply.

STAND (Stannington & District Library Group) was formed in 2013 after two public meetings that explored the issues raised by Sheffield City Council’s announced withdrawal of formal support for Stannington Library. Since then, the group has been formalised, a committee was formed and teams of volunteers were recruited